[4 Solutions] How To Make Laptop Faster Windows 10

Windows 10 will be performing pretty faster on your laptop only if you know the way how to make laptop faster Windows 10. There are many processes to follow dealing with the idea to make the Windows 10 run faster on your laptop. For beginners, one of the common ways is to eliminate the “extras” inside the operating system. However, this is not quite necessary to do.

In this article, we are going to share the idea by presenting the best selected 4 ideas to make Windows 10 runs faster on your laptop as your expectation. Without taking too much time, now let’s go to the following review:

Make Laptop Faster Windows 10

  • Get Your Power Settings Right

Since Windows 10 runs on Power Saver Plan automatically, it will never influence your laptop’s performance and your electricity bill. To get the power settings right, you may go to the Control Panel and choose Hardware and Sound. Later, select Power Option. After that, choose Power Saver instead of Balanced.

Now head yourself to click the down arrow just beside the additional options. Select High-Performance setting. See, Windows 10 will perform faster on your laptop.

  • Cut Out Unnecessary Programs Active In The Background

The second idea on how to make laptop faster Windows 10 is to cut out some unnecessary programs which are still active in the background. It means that there must be some programs running on, whereas, they are not quite necessary. Those programs can be the obstruction influencing your Windows 10 on the laptop gets slow.

To avoid the situation, you must enter the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Escape. There will be a tab for the start-up. Some programs may start at the startup right away. In this case, you can make a right click and choose the option of Disable. Thus, you have cut out those unnecessary programs running in the background while you are starting Windows 10.

  • Leave the Eye Candy

Leaving the eye candy is the next idea you can try. Definitely, Windows 10 comes with tons of cute animations to perform amazingly. Although we may find it good, it can be one of the obstructions toward the slow response of the Windows itself. Thus, you have to take action by cutting down some unnecessary animations on your laptop.

This way, go to the search box and enter sysdm.cpl. System Properties list will soon appear so you must choose an option of Let Windows choose what’s for my computer.

  • Cut Out the Adware

The last but not least idea on how to make laptop faster Windows 10 is to cut out the adware. Certain types of infections such as adware and bloatware can commonly cause the laptop to slow down. To make your laptop faster with Windows 10, you need to remove the adware by running a scan through Windows Defender. This software is able to help you easily find viruses that may influence your laptop performance.


All in all, the 4 best-selected ideas on how to make laptop faster Windows 10 are considered to be easy and applicable. Make sure you have read every detail information so that the ideas will work out well.

6 Reasons Why Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Makes Sense

Do you realize that downloading and installing Adobe Photoshop Lightroom really makes sense dealing with the way you produce the best photo editing? This Adobe Photoshop version enables you to produce the most amazing photos anywhere you are.

I love photography very much, using this version is very proper. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom offers you everything you want in photo editings such as the ability to edit, store, organize, and share your photos across the desktop, web, and mobile.

Now let’s check out what reason that Lightroom version makes sense to download.

Why Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Makes Sense

  • Edit Anywhere Else

The first reason why Adobe Photoshop Lightroom makes sense is the ability to edit anywhere else. The easy-to-use photo editing tools enable you to carry out the photo editing supported by the simple way to create photos as you expected. Definitely, you can do this directly from your phone, web, or desktop automatically.

  • Organize Smartly

The second reason you have to know why you must choose Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the ability to organize smartly. It provides an automatic searchable keyword along with auto-tagging. You can also organize the way you choose the theme and create albums based on your personal choice.

  • Offer Free Storage

Now let’s go to the next reason. Do you know that Lightroom version offers free storage? Well, the cloud storage provided by Lightroom version will allow you to access the whole library of full-resolution photos from any device you are using. Thus, you can optimize this feature in an optimum way. In other versions such as Adobe Photoshop CS5, Photoshop CC, and several others it is very difficult to find this feature.

  • Keep Up Photography Skills

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom also keeps up your photography skills. This way, you can just follow the tutorials step by step until you are able to learn the basics and master the whole version of Lightroom’s features. No matter whether you are a newbie or advanced user, the easy-to-use operation will enable you to keep up your skill in photography.

  • Sync Presets and Profiles

The fifth capability of Lightroom version offered to the users is the ability to sync presets and profiles. This is the most requested feature that most users are looking for. Along with this capability, you can access all of your Lightroom presets and profiles particularly the custom and third-party presets using the desktop, web, and mobile. Isn’t that great?

  • Design Anything

What you have to know next is the ability of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to design anything. This means that whatever the users want to design, they can definitely design it. Posters, banners, logos, and others are certainly supported by Lightroom Adobe version. This way, you can create the most unforgettable icons, eye-catching logos, colorful and beautiful websites as well as exciting banners. Trustfully, this version makes everything possible to design.


Overall, you can infer in your mind that Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is very considerable due to the 6 reasons we have given to you. This version does make sense to download and install just after reading this review. Later, you can prove it yourself that Lightroom version is very great to consider.

How To Fixing YouTube Thumbnail Not Showing

YouTube Thumbnail Not Showing

YouTube thumbnails are one of the attractions to persuade people to watch youtube videos. Usually, thumbnails are made more attractive and contain little information about the video. The thumbnails themselves will support you stand out in the long search list. YouTube thumbnail is also a standout from youtube videos when they appear on Google’s search engine. However, what if the YouTube thumbnail is not visible when watching or uploading youtube videos? Here’s how to efficiently handle Youtube thumbnail not showing.

Handling Youtube Thumbnail Not Showing in the Browser or YouTube Application

Have you ever wanted to watch YouTube, no video thumbnail appears ?. Besides being difficult to find videos that you want to watch, youtube display also becomes less interesting. Over here are ways to fix youtube thumbnails not showing in the browser or youtube application:

  • Clean Application Cache

One of the most ordinary causes of youtube thumbnail not showing is cache. Cache is application garbage that comes from the process of accessing the application. The garbage must be cleaned regularly. The way to delete the cache is quite easy. Take advantage of PC cleaning applications or cellphones like CCleaner. After the cache is clean, refresh the YouTube website or browser page. Voila, the thumbnail will also be visible.

  • Installing VPN

Installing VPN

“Youtube thumbnail not showing” could have been caused by a problem in the DNS server. The solution is to install a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPN that is used can be free or premium VPN. Activate or turning on VPN, and set the location to another country. Refresh the youtube page, and the thumbnail will appear. Unluckily, youtube thumbnail will be returning invisibly if the user turning off the VPN.

Fixing Custom YouTube Thumbnail Not Showing

For YouTuber, making a custom thumbnail for videos is a must. The custom thumbnail makes the video look attractive so that it impacts the views. Most people will be tempted to watch when viewing thumbnails. However, what if the custom thumbnail that has been created doesn’t even appear? Here’s how to fix youtube thumbnail not showing.

Youtube Account Verification

Most YouTubers cannot create custom thumbnails because of unverified YouTube accounts. If using youtube on a mobile application, change youtube mode to desktop mode. Click the button in the form of line three in the upper left corner of the youtube application. Click the “my channel” option. After clicking, all videos from the channel will appear. Choose one video whose custom thumbnail is not visible. Look for the option to verify your account via cellphone in “Help and Support.”

After that, click the link “youtube.com/verify” to verify. Usually, youtube will give a verification code via SMS or telephone. Enter the verification code that was sent to the telephone number. After that, the account will be verified, and the button to put the custom thumbnail will appear. Edit the thumbnail into another custom thumbnail as desired.

Check in another browser

If this method doesn’t work, try checking the video that has been set thumbnail through another browser. If the video thumbnail does not appear in chrome, then try checking in Firefox or internet explorer. If the custom video thumbnail is seen in another browser, you should be calm. Because it means the viewer of the video must also see the thumbnail when watching the YouTube video.

That’s how to handle youtube thumbnail not showing in the browser or YouTube Application. Actually, the youtube thumbnail problem is not a big and difficult problem to deal with. Hopefully, this article can help.

Antivirus Advice and Tips You Need To Know

You can’t be overly cautious about how you manage your computer time, even with the best antivirus advice and tips. Even if you think that you don’t download anything or you don’t open any suspicious (and shady) websites, the virus will always find a way to enter your system. If you can protect yourself with powerful and strong antivirus software, then the virus won’t be able to create havoc even if it has entered your system. With a powerful antivirus program, the virus can be detected, found, and eliminated even before it has the chance to infiltrate your system.

Virus and Its Damaging Effects

The virus is damaging stuff that can do serious threats and outcome – and it is super annoying to have one in your system. The problem with the virus is that you can’t really be safe from it, no matter how hard you try. You may avoid shady sites. You don’t download any suspicious files or folders. But the virus can find a way to your system through other unsuspicious ways, such as the emails or the attachments sent by your colleagues or friends. They may not be aware that they are sending the virus, so you can’t really blame them.

Safety Prevention Tips

Here are some handy and useful antivirus advice and tips that you can do for your own safety.

  • If you receive emails from suspicious or unknown sources, don’t open them. Some viruses don’t need any attachment to infect the system. They can be within the email itself. Once you open the email, you will automatically be infected. So, if you receive letters from an unknown source, even with the extravagant title, don’t open them. Simply send them to trash and delete them for good.
  • Even if you receive emails from people you know, don’t immediately open the attachment. It would be better if you can confirm the email. Contact the person and confirm whether they really send the email or not. The virus can reduplicate itself and then diffuse via email. If you don’t expect any email from anyone and suddenly you get one, don’t open it just yet. Contact them and confirm the delivery.
  • Sometimes the email may not have the sender’s information. If you find this odd or the subject is unexpected (or even suspicious), just get rid of them.
  • Delete junk email and chain emails. Never reply or forward such questionable mail. This kind of spam emails should be discarded soon enough.
  • When you have to download a folder or a file, make sure that it is legit and safe. It is always best to go to the official website. If you have to use a third party website, make sure that it is trusted and reliable.

Smadav 2019 and Its Functions


Let’s say that you already have a main antivirus program on your computer, but you are still looking for an additional program that can perform fast and effective scanning for the flash drive. Then you should consider Smadav 2020. Whether you choose the free version, you can still gain the best advantage. Those are some of the effective antivirus advice and tips that are doable and useful.

5 Best Firewall Apps for Android

You might think that using a firewall on your android smartphone is not really important. But, suddenly, when your phone was an error or losing all of the data inside, you will be very sad. So, make sure you have installed the best firewall for android to protect it from virus and threat.

If we talk about computer, there is ‘task manager’ to see and control how many data had used. As well as on Android, definitely you can set your RAM and connection to better. So, here are some firewall applications that can make your android device like Oppo A7 work optimally.

Best Firewall Apps for Android


This application designed for people who have rooted their phone. Using AFWALL+ also can make your phone control internet access. Tools and item inside are very easy to use and has a bunch of sets. Make sure you had set it correctly. If it had done, you will get the best experience when using the smartphone without concern about whatever.

NoRoot Firewall is really recommended the application. It appears with the best interface, even though on default display. This application will automatically configure to notify any application that tries to access the internet. You just allow or block it, so the problem will go. The good news is that it logs network interactions of all the apps.

Try to ‘Analyze’ option to see websites or IP addresses a particular app is connecting to. Apart from that, now you can block that illegal access, maybe individual domains or IP addresses, block images, modify DNS server, capture packets, throttle bandwidth, and password protect NoRoot Firewall and its settings.

There are so many application that you can use. However, you might be bored because of the display just like that. So NetGuard presented to give something different for you. This application only has 2 buttons on the main menu. So just click on or of, you will get to control your android and make it more comfortable to use

LostNet NoRoot Firewall

If you asking, ‘what is the most complete application for android firewall’ this is here. As we know, that there is a lot of model of the virus on the internet. It’s presented to hack and crack android system, but using this app. You simply can reduce and restrict from connecting to any region or country.

Not only could do that, but it also can block ads (because it’s pro) and protect your device from whatever is that. Don’t worry if you often overslept, this amazing firewall can automatically block all application from access the internet. So, you can more efficient in using data packages. The price of LostNet NoRoot Firewall is around $0.80.

One of the best firewall apps for Android is this. Net Patch Firewall very recommended because has a lot of features, this application is not inferior to Lost Net Firewall Pro. It lets you make sure whether apps can or can’t connect to the internet while the screen is off. And then, when you open your gadget again, it will run as usual and keep protect data.

Actually, there are many more other applications that can you use. However, that’s what are the five best firewalls for Android and highly recommended. It because of the features, tools, and item which have advantages and disadvantages of each other. So, you can choose any application as needed for you.

Oppo A7 Specs, Features & Price

Do you have any plan to buy a new smartphone? Well, Oppo launched its new mid-range handheld Oppo A7 on November 2018. It is clear that the vendor wants to keep competing in the mid-range market especially due to the fact that the new product comes with dual main cameras and bigger battery. Besides, the design is also something to take into account. For sure, you may not be able to find high-end features offered by the flagships of today’s smartphones. However, still, this is one of the alternatives that you really need to consider. Well, the following details will give you some of its interesting aspects.

Oppo A7 Specs

Oppo A7 runs Android 8.1 (Oreo) powered by Qualcomm SDM450 Snapdragon (14nm) chipset. The CPU is an octa-core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A53. This smartphone comes with 32 and 64 GB of internal storage and 3 and 4 GB of RAM. The phone supports up to 256 GB of external memory that allows you to extend the storage. With the specification above, it is clear that the handheld is a relevant option to take into account even when you need one for mobile gaming. As far as we concern, this phone is fairly smooth for many popular Android games including PUBG. Of course, you cannot expect something big like what Honor Magic 2 has. Besides, the spec is surely enough to support you to deal with multitasking mobile activities. Thankfully, A7 is powered by a bigger battery that makes it last longer with it non-removable Li-Ion 4230 mAh battery.

Oppo A7 Features

It is also interesting to talk about the design. There are two color options that you can choose including Glaring Gold and Glaze Blue. The metal unibody design makes it look tough. Besides, Oppo claims that the body design provides you with a better handgrip. The Waterdrop Screen display measures 6.2 inches with the aspect ratio of 81.6% to its body. For the protection, the phone uses Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

The cameras are also interesting especially when it comes to a mid-range smartphone. The rear cameras are dual main cameras in 13 MP and 2 MP. For sure, those are relatively standard for today’s most smartphones so that you should not expect something too much. However, the selfie camera is somewhat great. You can take a selfie or make a video call by utilizing a 16 MP front camera with its HDR feature. Again, this is a mid-range smartphone so that the single selfie camera is more than enough to enjoy with acceptably awesome photo results.

Oppo A7 Price

Well, those are interesting details about Oppo A7. With everything it offers, you can buy the phone at around 270 EUR or 307 USD. For sure, with the price tagged the phone is simply awesome to choose especially when compared to other products in the same segment. Therefore, it is also important to make sure that you compare one smartphone to another before buying. This is the reason why checking out the other reviews we have on the website is essential. Open more pages and get more pieces of information about the latest smartphone alternatives to buy. Good luck.

Remember This Before You Install Printer Driver for Windows PC

Having a printer, you surely understand that you need to install the printer driver to make it able to communicate with your PC. Windows 7 is one of the operating systems of computer that has been used in several years. If you have a Windows 7 PC and you need to install your printer driver for Windows, you need to check out the information and tips given here.

Where to get printer driver for windows?

Well, when you buy a printer, it is common that you will get a CD or DVD driver as the part of the package. This one is a common source you have regarding the printer driver for Windows you need. For sure, if you have a new printer, it is important to remind you that today, a lot of printer drivers are built-in in your Windows. For this one, you do not really need to do any installation because your computer will detect the printer when you connect the printer to your PC. However, you may also find that nothing happens when the connection is made. In this case, besides the CD or DVD, you will need to consider downloading the printer driver you need.

What we need to remind you when you want to download the printer driver for the internet is that the printer manufacturers’ websites are the best sources where you can download the drivers. You know, there are some risks that you may have to face when you download the files you need from websites that you do not really know. Therefore, if you think that you still want to download the file from non-official websites, you have to make sure that you only visit a trusted website to avoid getting unwanted issues for both your printer and your PC.

Well, we have a content that you can refer to when you need to printer driver for Windows especially Windows 7 that you can follow to deal with how to install the driver. For sure, you need to explore our website in order to find out the tips on the installation process. In general, installing the printer driver in your Windows PC is very easy and fast. More importantly, the fact that Windows OS is still one of the most favorites makes it possible for you search for various helps you need. Therefore, we invite you to keep visiting us in order to get more information and tips that are related to printer things.

Pay Attention to These before Buying Gaming Monitor

When playing PC or computer games, what determines your gaming experience are not just the computer specifications, but also the monitor you use. The monitor is a device that has an important role in computer operation because this device is responsible for sending visual output to the user.

Furthermore, for gamers, of course, the quality of the monitor used when playing games will be taken into consideration. In addition, it turns out we can’t just use a gaming monitor, but we have to look at some things so we can choose the monitor properly.

So that we are not mistaken in choosing the monitor that we will use later, of course, we must consider various things first before finally deciding to buy a gaming monitor. Here we will try a little review about what needs to be considered before buying a gaming monitor considering this device has a very important function.


The number one consideration in choosing a monitor for gaming is resolution and size. The size of the monitor screen for gaming, in general, is 24 inches. The size is considered as the ideal monitor size for playing games because the view of the user can reach all parts of the monitor.

Meanwhile, for the monitor’s resolution itself, usually on monitors for gaming, it has adopted full HD resolution, so that it can improve performance and better game playing experience. However, you also need to pay attention to the specifications of your computer as well in determining the resolution of the monitor. Do not let your computer not integrate with the monitor that you bought just because the specs are not suitable.

Refresh rate and response speed

Refresh rate and response speed are two important things in gaming monitors, therefore we need to pay attention to this technical matter when choosing a monitor for gaming. The refresh rate is the screen frequency level which is expressed in Hz units, for example, a monitor has a 120 Hz refresh rate, then that means in one second, the monitor can display visual output 120 times. This refresh rate will affect the movement in the game we play, the higher the refresh rate, the more smooth the game movement will be.

Ideally, the refresh rate of the monitor for gaming is in the range of 60 Hz. However, if it can be higher than 60 Hz, then it is better. Therefore, choose a gaming monitor that has a refresh rate above 60 Hz.

Meanwhile, response speed has an impact on the performance of games played. Response speed itself is an indicator of the ability of a monitor to make output color transitions at high speeds. This is expressed in ms; therefore, the smaller the response speed value, the better the monitor will be to play the game.

The response speed of the ideal gaming monitor is 5 ms. However, similar to the refresh rate, of course, the performance will be even better if the monitor we use has a response speed of less than 5 ms.

Tips To Manage Battery Use of Smartphone


Battery use is very important; especially if you are away from your home and probably do not know where the right place to charge your smartphone is. At that time, you will need several tips to help you in maintaining and managing the battery use of your smartphone. Then, what are the tips that you have to do for saving your battery?

Simple Tips on Reducing Battery Use

In your traveling or your outdoor activity, you need to manage your battery use and make sure that your smartphone is still on whenever you want to use it. To manage the battery, of course, you have to follow the following tips which will be very useful for you.

  • Turn Off Your App’s Notifications

Sometimes, we do not really aware of apps’ notifications. Actually, it is something that really can decrease the percentage of your battery use. So, it would be wiser if you decide to turn off the notifications for several apps that you think do not really need. To turn off each notification, you can manage it by opening the notification and go to the setting to turn off the notifications.

  • Turn Off the Using of Background Data

Some of us might also do not know that actually turning off the background data using is something necessary to reduce the battery use too. If you are in the condition that makes you unavailable to charge your battery as soon as you run it out, it would be better to turn off the using of background data.

At this setting, you will turn off the background data of your non-essential apps, so that the power that is used for the background data can be reduced to the minimum level of the data use. You can set the data usage in the setting and it will be very useful to keep the battery on.

  • Turn Off The Cellular Data

Turning on the data cellular, of course, will reduce the percentage of battery use of your smartphone. So, when you are on your way of traveling, it would be better to turn off the cellular data, if you do not really need the data. Of course, it will not only reduce the battery use but it will also make your phone machine stay longer.

Yes, if you turn on the cellular data on the road and you really need to turn on the data, but the signal does not in good condition, it can heat the machine of your phone. So, to avoid your phone to be overheated, you also better to turn off the cellular data, if you do not really need the data.

How to Avoid Your Battery Problems

Actually, by following the previous tips, you will not only help your phone to keep the battery use, but you also can keep the battery from any earlier problems. Yes, some smartphone can have problems because of the battery is already do not have the maximum power. For the example, it can be reduced in only a few minutes and cannot give the optimum support for your smartphone use.

At this point, your battery might already get the problem and it would be better to avoid this problem by taking more care of the battery. To take care of your smartphone battery, you can start to turn off your phone whenever you charge your battery. Besides that, it would be better to use the original charger for your smartphone too.

Those tips are the important tips that would be very useful for your smartphone. You can avoid your battery to run out in a short time. So, if you want to maximize the use of your battery, those tips will be important for you.

Best Sites to Download Free Software

Technological progress seems to be endless. Especially in the field of computers, this is the center of the development of science and the latest technology. All things related to human work today can almost all be facilitated by a computer. Thanks to its function, this device also plays a role in building a human civilization in this modern era.

The development of computer technology is certainly never separated from the components of the computer itself. Not only consists of hardware, but the computer also consists of software. Both work together and work together well to carry out computer functions as programmed.

Types of Software

If you look at its function, of course, there are many types of software, such as graphics software, programming software, and so on. But if we look at the license, we can group the software into 3 groups, namely, free software, trial, and premium.

  • Free Software

Usually also abbreviated as freeware, this software is distributed free by the developer. The goal is usually as a media campaign, or can also have other goals. Some of the freeware, some of which are open source, that is, in addition to being used for free, the software is also open to being changed, modified, and redistributed by users.

There is so many freeware that is spread on the internet and we can download it. Usually, many antivirus programs are available in the freeware version. In addition, there are also several other programs that belong to free software.

  • Trial Software

This software is a program that we can enjoy for free, but for a certain period, for example, 30 days, 90 days, or 120 days, depending on the policy of each software developer. After passing the specified period, the user will be charged a software subscription fee. If the user cannot or does not want to pay the fee, the user will lose access to the software.

  • Premium Software

By purchasing a license from this software, it means we can have access to this software at any time, and enjoy software features in a seamless and unlimited manner. This kind of software is widely available and we can get it on the official website of each software developer.

In addition, there are also those who use a subscription system, namely the user has a license to the software within a certain period, usually an annual or monthly subscription. Today, subscription systems are more widely used by large developers. The advantage of this subscription system is that user fees can be cheaper than buying an entire software license.

Tips for Downloading Free Software

These days, we can even download software for free. Not only software that is distributed for free, but there is also some paid software that we can download for free. However, we must be careful in choosing sites to download such software.

  • Be careful when pressing Download Button

Often when you want to download free software, we find so many download buttons. Of course, the original download button is only one, while the others are a fake button. Usually, the fake download button will point us to the popup window containing the ads. Indeed, this does not harm directly, but of course, this is very disturbing.

Therefore, our accuracy is needed here. We pay attention to the URL that is owned by the button, by seeing it in our browser’s status bar. Usually, the URL will appear at the bottom of the left side of the screen.

  • Pay attention to the credibility of the provider site

This is important before downloading the free software. Find out in advance whether the site you are visiting is truly credible in providing software to download for free.

A credible free software download site will certainly look better than not. This is seen from the site layout itself. The site will look neat and well organized even though there are many ads installed. In addition, credible sites also experience maintenance regularly.

When you download software from a site like this, the security will be more guaranteed. The risk of your device being attacked by a virus or malware is also smaller because this kind of site is well maintained. One of the best free software provider sites is FileHippo Free Software. You can try downloading software from that site.