5 Best Apps for Learning Piano for Beginners

Learning a musical instrument now you can do at home with no worries. Nowadays, learning piano can use the gadget as a learning medium. So, there are five best apps for learning piano for beginners.

1. Simply Piano

Simply Piano

Simply Piano is the first best app for learning piano. Using the Simply Piano app is an easy way to learn how to play the piano. This application is available in the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

The best thing about this app is the real-time feedback. Real-time feedback helps the user to get the correction and reviews directly. Then, you can play your favorite songs by taking the paid plans to start from $60.

2. Pianu

The second best app for learning piano is Pianu. Pianu brings the experience that learning music can be done anywhere. This application turns the device (smartphone or tablet) and electric piano pillow cushion into a piano keyboard. So, you can learn piano lessons everywhere.

Pianu has paid lesson plans to start from $8 per month. When the users are using interactive learning methods with visualization of the piano keyboard and sheet music. Then, the users can connect the application to the real piano.

The learners will know how to play the piano from the beginning. Then, it teaches how to read sheet music and also music chords. So, it is quite easy to use for beginners.

3. Melodics


Melodics is an application and software for learning musical instruments such as piano, guitar, drum, etc. It costs around $30 per month for the learning subscription and gets a premium license.

For the user interface like the video game, so the user of Melodics will experience the sensation of being a musician. It provides the lesson that categorizes into some number of grades. Also, the lesson will get instant feedback so the learners will get more knowledge about music.

4. Yousician

The next application is Yousician. This application is the fastest music learning application downloaded by more than a million users around the world. Yousician is the online platform to learn to play musical instruments.

As the learners, the user can choose the set of musical instruments that they want to learn. It has several musical instruments lessons such as piano, guitar, ukulele, bass, and vocal lessons. Amazingly, this app recognizes the sound with the chords and notes when the users play the instruments or sing.

It is also good for those who want to learn a music instrument. Also, for those who want to be a music composer because this app will help you to arrange the music.

5. Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel is the software that helps the teacher and students to do music lessons online. So, the student and teachers are doing music classes using learning from home. The application user interface is quite simple and solid, so the dashboard of this software will provide important information such as the score of the lesson, the techniques ability, the methods, and the song lists.

The price of the subscription is quite cheap around $6 per month. With the classification of the lesson stage, it is easy to manage so the teachers no need to create a music class syllabus.

So, there are five best apps for learning piano that are available for newbies and download them on free drivers and software. Thus, the zero expert user no need to worry because these apps will help to give a basic lesson on how to play the piano.