Best Sites to Download Free Software

Technological progress seems to be endless. Especially in the field of computers, this is the center of the development of science and the latest technology. All things related to human work today can almost all be facilitated by a computer. Thanks to its function, this device also plays a role in building a human civilization in this modern era.

The development of computer technology is certainly never separated from the components of the computer itself. Not only consists of hardware, but the computer also consists of software. Both work together and work together well to carry out computer functions as programmed.

Types of Software

If you look at its function, of course, there are many types of software, such as graphics software, programming software, and so on. But if we look at the license, we can group the software into 3 groups, namely, free software, trial, and premium.

  • Free Software

Usually also abbreviated as freeware, this software is distributed free by the developer. The goal is usually as a media campaign, or can also have other goals. Some of the freeware, some of which are open source, that is, in addition to being used for free, the software is also open to being changed, modified, and redistributed by users.

There is so many freeware that is spread on the internet and we can download it. Usually, many antivirus programs are available in the freeware version. In addition, there are also several other programs that belong to free software.

  • Trial Software

This software is a program that we can enjoy for free, but for a certain period, for example, 30 days, 90 days, or 120 days, depending on the policy of each software developer. After passing the specified period, the user will be charged a software subscription fee. If the user cannot or does not want to pay the fee, the user will lose access to the software.

  • Premium Software

By purchasing a license from this software, it means we can have access to this software at any time, and enjoy software features in a seamless and unlimited manner. This kind of software is widely available and we can get it on the official website of each software developer.

In addition, there are also those who use a subscription system, namely the user has a license to the software within a certain period, usually an annual or monthly subscription. Today, subscription systems are more widely used by large developers. The advantage of this subscription system is that user fees can be cheaper than buying an entire software license.

Tips for Downloading Free Software

These days, we can even download software for free. Not only software that is distributed for free, but there is also some paid software that we can download for free. However, we must be careful in choosing sites to download such software.

  • Be careful when pressing Download Button

Often when you want to download free software, we find so many download buttons. Of course, the original download button is only one, while the others are a fake button. Usually, the fake download button will point us to the popup window containing the ads. Indeed, this does not harm directly, but of course, this is very disturbing.

Therefore, our accuracy is needed here. We pay attention to the URL that is owned by the button, by seeing it in our browser’s status bar. Usually, the URL will appear at the bottom of the left side of the screen.

  • Pay attention to the credibility of the provider site

This is important before downloading the free software. Find out in advance whether the site you are visiting is truly credible in providing software to download for free.

A credible free software download site will certainly look better than not. This is seen from the site layout itself. The site will look neat and well organized even though there are many ads installed. In addition, credible sites also experience maintenance regularly.

When you download software from a site like this, the security will be more guaranteed. The risk of your device being attacked by a virus or malware is also smaller because this kind of site is well maintained. One of the best free software provider sites is FileHippo Free Software. You can try downloading software from that site.