5 Best Employee Scheduling Apps

Having a big business can be beneficial but also challenging at the same time. The bigger your business becomes, the bigger your team will be.  However, the challenges don’t stop here, because you still need to create employee schedules for their work time. This task can be quite difficult too, therefore it is best to use some of the best apps for employee scheduling.

Why Use Scheduling Apps?

Employee scheduling apps is a software that helps plot working days, holidays and even manages the labor cost of a business. With these apps, business owners don’t need to waste time in manual scheduling and planning ways to increase productivity. Because the apps do it all for them, including calculating the cost aspects.

There are many benefits that owners can get by using employee scheduling apps for their business. Rather than just getting a schedule as an output, these apps also provide access to the schedule that is made.

Employee Scheduling Apps to Try

If one day your employees need to see their schedule for the upcoming weeks, then you can easily show the app. Therefore, to help you with your scheduling, try out these best apps for employees scheduling that you can even monitor from your mobile phone:

1. Connecteam


If you don’t want to download apps on your phone, you can simply use online employee scheduling apps like Connecteam. This app is great to use for all kinds of business whether you are a small business or a big company. The app allows owners to make schedules and shifts of their employees and can download them on excel files.

One of the great things about this app is that it also provides clock in-clock out features with a GPS. Therefore, you can see where your employees were when they clocked in the app. Overall, this app is very helpful for businesses to control and monitor their employees.

2. mHelpDesk


If you are familiar with Google Calendar & Outlook, then you should try mHelpDesk. This is one of the best apps for employee scheduling because it can create an efficient schedule for your business. It will also show when an employee is under load or overload. To make it even better, the app can integrate with other apps such as Google Calendar, Home Advisor, and QuickBooks.

3. When I Work

When I Work

One of the best apps that owners can also use to make schedules from their phones is When I Work. This app is available for both Android and iOS users, so it is surely easy to get. The app does not only provide shift schedules for owners but also lets employees communicate with their boss. So, if your employees request to change shifts, they can easily request it through the app too.

4. actiPlans


The next app that you can try is actiPlans, which can plan schedules for short or long terms. This app also helps monitor the absence management of your employees from their clocking to their leaves. And once your employees request leave, the app will re-adjust the schedule and update it for you.

5. Humanity


If you need an app that helps to schedule and have other HR features, then you should try Humanity. The app offers scheduling management that will help you arrange your team’s working hours. However, it also provides other features like payroll and absence management that will make your job easier.

So, those are some of the best apps for employee scheduling that you should try for your business. If you have a business, you surely should download them to help you manage your employees. However, most of these apps are not free, but you can get a 14 free day trial to check out the apps first.

Pay Attention to These before Buying Gaming Monitor

When playing PC or computer games, what determines your gaming experience are not just the computer specifications, but also the monitor you use. The monitor is a device that has an important role in computer operation because this device is responsible for sending visual output to the user.

Furthermore, for gamers, of course, the quality of the monitor used when playing games will be taken into consideration. In addition, it turns out we can’t just use a gaming monitor, but we have to look at some things so we can choose the monitor properly.

So that we are not mistaken in choosing the monitor that we will use later, of course, we must consider various things first before finally deciding to buy a gaming monitor. Here we will try a little review about what needs to be considered before buying a gaming monitor considering this device has a very important function.


The number one consideration in choosing a monitor for gaming is resolution and size. The size of the monitor screen for gaming, in general, is 24 inches. The size is considered as the ideal monitor size for playing games because the view of the user can reach all parts of the monitor.

Meanwhile, for the monitor’s resolution itself, usually on monitors for gaming, it has adopted full HD resolution, so that it can improve performance and better game playing experience. However, you also need to pay attention to the specifications of your computer as well in determining the resolution of the monitor. Do not let your computer not integrate with the monitor that you bought just because the specs are not suitable.

Refresh rate and response speed

Refresh rate and response speed are two important things in gaming monitors, therefore we need to pay attention to this technical matter when choosing a monitor for gaming. The refresh rate is the screen frequency level which is expressed in Hz units, for example, a monitor has a 120 Hz refresh rate, then that means in one second, the monitor can display visual output 120 times. This refresh rate will affect the movement in the game we play, the higher the refresh rate, the more smooth the game movement will be.

Ideally, the refresh rate of the monitor for gaming is in the range of 60 Hz. However, if it can be higher than 60 Hz, then it is better. Therefore, choose a gaming monitor that has a refresh rate above 60 Hz.

Meanwhile, response speed has an impact on the performance of games played. Response speed itself is an indicator of the ability of a monitor to make output color transitions at high speeds. This is expressed in ms; therefore, the smaller the response speed value, the better the monitor will be to play the game.

The response speed of the ideal gaming monitor is 5 ms. However, similar to the refresh rate, of course, the performance will be even better if the monitor we use has a response speed of less than 5 ms.

Tips To Manage Battery Use of Smartphone


Battery use is very important; especially if you are away from your home and probably do not know where the right place to charge your smartphone is. At that time, you will need several tips to help you in maintaining and managing the battery use of your smartphone. Then, what are the tips that you have to do for saving your battery?

Simple Tips on Reducing Battery Use

In your traveling or your outdoor activity, you need to manage your battery use and make sure that your smartphone is still on whenever you want to use it. To manage the battery, of course, you have to follow the following tips which will be very useful for you.

  • Turn Off Your App’s Notifications

Sometimes, we do not really aware of apps’ notifications. Actually, it is something that really can decrease the percentage of your battery use. So, it would be wiser if you decide to turn off the notifications for several apps that you think do not really need. To turn off each notification, you can manage it by opening the notification and go to the setting to turn off the notifications.

  • Turn Off the Using of Background Data

Some of us might also do not know that actually turning off the background data using is something necessary to reduce the battery use too. If you are in the condition that makes you unavailable to charge your battery as soon as you run it out, it would be better to turn off the using of background data.

At this setting, you will turn off the background data of your non-essential apps, so that the power that is used for the background data can be reduced to the minimum level of the data use. You can set the data usage in the setting and it will be very useful to keep the battery on.

  • Turn Off The Cellular Data

Turning on the data cellular, of course, will reduce the percentage of battery use of your smartphone. So, when you are on your way of traveling, it would be better to turn off the cellular data, if you do not really need the data. Of course, it will not only reduce the battery use but it will also make your phone machine stay longer.

Yes, if you turn on the cellular data on the road and you really need to turn on the data, but the signal does not in good condition, it can heat the machine of your phone. So, to avoid your phone to be overheated, you also better to turn off the cellular data, if you do not really need the data.

How to Avoid Your Battery Problems

Actually, by following the previous tips, you will not only help your phone to keep the battery use, but you also can keep the battery from any earlier problems. Yes, some smartphone can have problems because of the battery is already do not have the maximum power. For the example, it can be reduced in only a few minutes and cannot give the optimum support for your smartphone use.

At this point, your battery might already get the problem and it would be better to avoid this problem by taking more care of the battery. To take care of your smartphone battery, you can start to turn off your phone whenever you charge your battery. Besides that, it would be better to use the original charger for your smartphone too.

Those tips are the important tips that would be very useful for your smartphone. You can avoid your battery to run out in a short time. So, if you want to maximize the use of your battery, those tips will be important for you.

Best Sites to Download Free Software

Technological progress seems to be endless. Especially in the field of computers, this is the center of the development of science and the latest technology. All things related to human work today can almost all be facilitated by a computer. Thanks to its function, this device also plays a role in building a human civilization in this modern era.

The development of computer technology is certainly never separated from the components of the computer itself. Not only consists of hardware, but the computer also consists of software. Both work together and work together well to carry out computer functions as programmed.

Types of Software

If you look at its function, of course, there are many types of software, such as graphics software, programming software, and so on. But if we look at the license, we can group the software into 3 groups, namely, free software, trial, and premium.

  • Free Software

Usually also abbreviated as freeware, this software is distributed free by the developer. The goal is usually as a media campaign, or can also have other goals. Some of the freeware, some of which are open source, that is, in addition to being used for free, the software is also open to being changed, modified, and redistributed by users.

There is so many freeware that is spread on the internet and we can download it. Usually, many antivirus programs are available in the freeware version. In addition, there are also several other programs that belong to free software.

  • Trial Software

This software is a program that we can enjoy for free, but for a certain period, for example, 30 days, 90 days, or 120 days, depending on the policy of each software developer. After passing the specified period, the user will be charged a software subscription fee. If the user cannot or does not want to pay the fee, the user will lose access to the software.

  • Premium Software

By purchasing a license from this software, it means we can have access to this software at any time, and enjoy software features in a seamless and unlimited manner. This kind of software is widely available and we can get it on the official website of each software developer.

In addition, there are also those who use a subscription system, namely the user has a license to the software within a certain period, usually an annual or monthly subscription. Today, subscription systems are more widely used by large developers. The advantage of this subscription system is that user fees can be cheaper than buying an entire software license.

Tips for Downloading Free Software

These days, we can even download software for free. Not only software that is distributed for free, but there is also some paid software that we can download for free. However, we must be careful in choosing sites to download such software.

  • Be careful when pressing Download Button

Often when you want to download free software, we find so many download buttons. Of course, the original download button is only one, while the others are a fake button. Usually, the fake download button will point us to the popup window containing the ads. Indeed, this does not harm directly, but of course, this is very disturbing.

Therefore, our accuracy is needed here. We pay attention to the URL that is owned by the button, by seeing it in our browser’s status bar. Usually, the URL will appear at the bottom of the left side of the screen.

  • Pay attention to the credibility of the provider site

This is important before downloading the free software. Find out in advance whether the site you are visiting is truly credible in providing software to download for free.

A credible free software download site will certainly look better than not. This is seen from the site layout itself. The site will look neat and well organized even though there are many ads installed. In addition, credible sites also experience maintenance regularly.

When you download software from a site like this, the security will be more guaranteed. The risk of your device being attacked by a virus or malware is also smaller because this kind of site is well maintained. One of the best free software provider sites is FileHippo Free Software. You can try downloading software from that site.

Top 3 Video Games for Your XBOX

Are you looking for the recommended games to be played on your XBOX? Actually, if you are still new with XBOX game console, you do not need to worry about how many video games that you will find, since the number will be very huge. However, if you are still looking for the most recommended video games to be played with your XBOX, you can read the following information about the recommended games for you.

3 Video Games You Have to Play On XBOX

Actually, the best video games to play can be something that very relative. Not all people will agree with other’s people opinion about the top 3 recommended games. However, it is still something useful to know the recommendation of the best games to play. At least, it would be helpful for you to seek more games to play on your XBOX. So, if you want to try the recommended games for XBOX, the following list is ready for you.

  • Cuphead

Some of you might have a little hesitate once you hear the name of this game. However, do not judge this game based on its name. When you play this game, you will find that the interface is having the gorgeous backdrop, in which using the theme of the 1930s.

People said that this game would be good for you who love to master difficult games. As this game is also having unique looks, it is also good for you who love to play any different game than the other games. However, this game will not be good for those who easily give up while playing the game.

  • Rise of Tomb Rider

The name of the game is of course not a new thing for you, as this game is already popular and even becomes the title of the movie. This game will be good for those who are the fans of Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Rider. Meanwhile, for those who are looking for the folks game or something deeper in the game story, this game will not match with them.

  • Hitman

This game requires your intelligence in playing strategy and categorized as a quiet complex game to play. With the spy theme on it, this game will be very interesting for those who really love the spy theme or story. So, if you decide to play this game, you will face the very interesting theme and play yourself in the middle spying mission.

Adding Games on Your XBOX

After you get some recommendations for the games that you can play on your XBOX, you can add the games to your console. Of course, the first thing to do is you have to buy the game first. You can get the game from Wal-Mart, Amazon and many more. Make sure to finish your purchasing procedure to make you available to add the game to your console.

While adding the games to your XBOX, it would be better to make sure that you follow the steps on installing the game. By paying attention to the steps, it will help you to get the smoother steps on installing the game and finish the procedure. So, get your favorite games now!

Tips for Choosing Best Gaming Mouse

The mouse is one of the input devices on a computer. Of course, this device has a very important role in operating a computer, especially when playing games. The mouse becomes a controller other than the keyboard to play computer games. Therefore, it is not surprising that many mouse products specially produced for gaming have sprung up.

The thing that distinguishes a gaming mouse with a mouse, in general, is the presence of additional buttons that function to perform certain actions when playing a game. Of course, this feature will make it easier for players to play games using this gaming mouse not just mouse but gaming monitor important too.

In addition, in terms of design also a gaming mouse will look different from an ordinary mouse. The size and design of a gaming mouse will usually be adjusted to the palm of the user’s hand so that the mouse will fit in the hand. This makes this mouse more comfortable when used to play computer games.

Types of Gaming Mouse

In general, both the gaming mouse and ordinary mouse, we can distinguish the mouse into two types, namely wireless mouse and a wired mouse. Both of them certainly have their advantages and disadvantages. Especially for a gaming mouse, of course, the two types of the mouse are the preference of PC gamers. Some like to use a wireless mouse, but not a few who prefer a wired mouse.

Gaming Mouse Price

Because this mouse is produced specifically for playing games, then you don’t need to be surprised if the price of a gaming mouse is many times the price of an ordinary mouse. That’s because this gaming mouse does have advantages that ordinary mouse don’t have.

One of the advantages of a gaming mouse is that there are additional buttons for certain functions when playing a game. This will certainly make it easier for players to perform these functions when compared to using an ordinary mouse, which players will use the keys on the keyboard to access the function.

In addition, the sensors on the gaming mouse are also better than ordinary mice. This certainly makes the movement of the cursor become smoother so that when used to play games, the movement of game characters will also be smoother and make the game more fun to play.

How to Choose a Proper Gaming Mouse

There are several things we need to consider before we decide to buy a gaming mouse. We have to make sure beforehand whether we really need a gaming mouse or not. If indeed we really need a gaming mouse, then we need to do a little research.

We need to find a lot of information about various gaming mouse products available on the market. Find any information about gaming mouse, from brands, features, specifications, to prices. Then, we compare the gaming mouse products with each other. Which one is better? Or which one is better suited to our needs. Of course, this value is so relative, depending on each user.

Then, after we have made the decision which gaming mouse product is the most suitable for us, then next is we are looking for the product with the cheapest price. This is certainly very important because we can save expenses by comparing prices from existing stores.

If you decide to buy the mouse online, then you also need to take into account the shipping costs and the duration of delivery of the product you purchased. As much as possible, look for an online store that provides free shipping services, considering the price of the best quality gaming mouse is relatively expensive. Thus, we can get the best products at cheaper prices.

Guide to Buy Best Smartwatch

Technology gets more interesting by the time passed. Of course, many innovations already come to be the best products in the tech market. One of the most interesting products to discuss is a smartwatch. Yes, not only smartphone, many people already use smartwatch as the part of their daily gadget to use. For you who might have your plan to buy a smartwatch, you might need to read several tips in the following paragraphs.

Tips to Buy Smartwatch

Actually, the different smartwatch will have a different function. Some smartwatch has functioned as the companion for the smartphone that you have, while some other is already having the function as an independent phone. So, for you who are looking for the best smartwatch to buy, it would be important to read the following tips to help you buy the right useful smartwatch.

  • Compatibility of Certain Device

At this point, you have to know whether the smartwatch that you buy is available to be connected with your smartphone or not. Some smartwatch is only available to be connected with a certain smartphone, so you have to make sure to ask about the compatibility of the smartwatch that you want to buy, with your smartphone.

For the example, if you choose Google’s Wear OS as your smartphone, the smartphone will be available for iPhones and also Android. However, for the Android, the features will be fewer. It does work with the use of Samsung’s Tizen products. Meanwhile, for Apple watches, those products will only compatible to be connected with iPhones.

  • GPS and Heart Rate Sensor Features

This is a simple part of your smartwatch, but you still need to pay attention to it if you are having a hobby to do fitness. Make sure that you have the heart rate features and GPS features on your smartwatch since it would be useful to track your running track and the heart rate.

  • Battery Life

This is also important to ask about the rate of the battery use once you buy the smartwatch. Some products are having longer battery life because it is categorized as a hybrid smartwatch. However, the hybrid smartwatch usually does not have any touchscreen on its body.

  • More Features

Features become the other thing that you should consider when you are choosing a smartwatch. Make sure to choose the smartwatch with the best features that you really need for your works. As the use of smartwatch is not only to be the sophisticated gadget to buy, you have to choose the one that really gives the best support for your daily activities.

  • Smartwatch Designs

The designs become the next consideration of choosing the smartwatch. Of course, it would be something good to find the smartwatch with great design in it. All products of smartwatch are actually having their catchy designs, but you still can consider about the best design that you might find and match with your preference.

Top Choices for Smartwatch to Buy

As you already know some things that you have to consider once you buy the smartwatch, you also have to know some recommended products of the smartwatch. Those recommended products come to the top choices of smartwatch because of the compatibility, features and also its cool design. It means that those products can be categorized as the complete package of a smartwatch that you need for your daily works.

The top choices that cannot be missed by you are Samsung Gear S3, Apple Watch Series 3, and also Samsung Gear Sport. Those products are supported by the censor of heart rate which will be good to be used for biking, running and many another exercise and you can save your battery too. So, if you are having the plan to have the useful smartwatch for your running or exercise activities and your daily work, those three names should be on your consideration list.