How To Root Bluestacks 4 And Make it Work

How to Root BlueStacks 4

Bluestacks is an application that lets people run their Android apps on the computer whether they are using Windows or IOS. The apps work fine and safe for both kinds of system and the steps in using them are the same. So, for those who have been wondering is Bluestacks safe or not, you don’t need to worry. To make sure that you download the safe and right app, make sure to download it on their official website. On their website, you can also get the newest and most updated version of the app. The newest version now available on their web is the Bluestacks 4. You can download the app. And then follow the steps on how to root Bluestacks 4 on your PC.

The newest version of Bluestacks 4 has come with new features for people to enjoy. One of the newest features is that people can create multiple instances and accounts. Therefore, you can play in one game with more than one player/ account. However, some apps in the Android system need the root license before they can be used. To be able to use the app, people will need to know the steps on how to root Bluestacks 4 on your PC. Here are the summary step on rooting Bluestacks 4 :

How To Root Bluestacks 4

1. Requirement of Computer

Not all computers can install and root Bluestacks on their computer. Therefore, before knowing how to root Bluestacks 4, make sure your computer is capable. The newest version can be installed in Windows 7 and above for PC/ laptop.

2. Download Kingroot APK

The next step that you need to do is to download an app that will help you root Bluestacks. From many apps, you can Kingroot APK. Once you have downloaded the app, you will get a notice to see whether the device has been rooted or not. Click the Try Root button with the Blue color, then your installation process should be starting. The process may take some time, but then your Bluestacks will be rooted.

3. Restart the PC

Restart the PC

After the process is done, you should be able to use your Bluestacks again and use the root apps. However, if you are facing slow response after rooting the app, close the app then restart it. Usually, after you take this step, Bluestacks will work properly and you can start on.

4. Verify Success / Not

If you want to know whether your root succeeds or not, you can check by using a root checker. You can download the app on your Google Play and install it on your computer. After installing it all you need to do is click the verify root access. You will get information about whether your root has succeeded or not.

5. Try Other Alternatives

Using Kingroot should be enough to root Bluestacks 4 on your PC. However, if the root didn’t succeed, then you can try other apps such as BS Tweaker. This is also another recommended rooter app that many people use to root their apps.

You will need another app to help you with rooting your Bluestacks. However, make sure to read the steps on how to root Bluestacks 4 on your PC. And see if it has succeeded or not using another app. After it has succeeded you can use Bluestacks for a wider option.

How To Kick People Off Your WiFi From Unwanted Devices

How To Kick People Off Your WiFi

Have you ever wondered why your WiFi connection gets slower? When you already checked everything is okay, but it seems no different, then, you might forget to check the list who access your WiFi. Probably, there is unwanted someone who crawls inside silently. Indeed, it is very bothersome. Moreover, if they are downloading torrents or streaming one drama series. Thus, find out how to kick people off your WiFi in this article.

WiFi is a wireless networking tech by using radio waves to result in a connection. A wireless adapter is a tool you need to create hotspots. You can use your phone or any device which is able to make an internet connection. Many people use this way to make an internet connection. Some of them set a password or kind of “permission gate” for everyone who wants to access it through them. But, however, sometimes there are people who enter without permission. Below are all things you can do about how to kick people off your WiFi:

1. Change the Password

change the wifi password

It is a common way that people usually go through. By changing the password, that silent people won’t be able to access your WiFi anymore. Because they don’t know the access to the internet. However, even though you change the password for times, sometimes they can enter again and again. Thus, this method is not really effective actually. At least it could be one of the solutions to your problem.

2. Log Into the Router

This way requires more effort than changing the password. Get into your browser, then type the device’s gateway IP. You will be asked about the username and password., then, click “DHCP Client List” or “Attached Devices”. This part will show you how many devices are connected to your WiFi. Now it is your call which addresses you want to get rid of.

3. Install Netcut


It is one of the useful programs to kick someone from your WiFi connection. This program can work on Windows 8 and Windows 10. Even though the user interface looks a little bit old school, it is very user-friendly. Once you finish installing Netcut, you need to install a program called WinpCap too. Don’t worry about unwanted things. Both of them won’t bother your system. If both of them are installed, restart your computer and open Netcut. There you will see all of the devices which connect in the same WiFi with you.

4. MAC Address Filtering

MAC Address Filtering

This way is special for MAC users. Knowing that each MAC has a special identity, it is easier to kick the other MAC user. Go to your router’s settings and see how many MAC Addresses there. Several routers have this feature to ease the users. Moreover, some others are creating a white list to show the devices you allow. By accessing this Setting part, you can just kick the MAC user you don’t want to access.

5. Using Wireless Network Watcher Program

Wireless Network Watcher Program

This program was created by the NirSofer programmer. Thanks to the developer who allows you to view every device connected to your router. It is a compatible program, even though you are using MAC. It could detect the IP and MAC address and it lets you save that information as a report. By seeing the list, you can decide to disconnect someone from your WiFi connection.

Knowing how to kick people off your WiFi is not about being a stingy person. Because it has lots of risks when someone accesses your connection without permission. The worse risk is your data could be stolen and used for something bad.

How To Compose Attention Grabbing Instagram Captions

Attention Grabbing Instagram Captions

When posting something in Instagram without any caption, it will make the post look bare and lonely. Also, it shows that the person who posts it is a cold person without much care in the world. That’s why people willing to spare more and more time to create a good Instagram caption.

How To Make Good Instagram Captions

For that, here are some how-to in composing Instagram captions that will ensure to get many attentions:

  • Optimize the First Lines

When writing for the caption, make sure to put the important part of the content you want to deliver upfront. Because when you open Instagram, there’s only several lines preview of the caption without if you don’t click for more. And most people wouldn’t care to expand it. Thus, it would make your effort in writing the caption go to dire.

  • Use Hashtags Accordingly

As we’re talking about captions, we couldn’t exclude hashtags from the discussion. The purpose of putting hashtags is so more people would find the specific topic just by searching for the hashtags. Although it’s important if you’re putting it make sure to put it accordingly without disturbing your intended caption. To achieve this, you can put hashtags down the line by burying it with lines or put it in the comment section. But for important hashtags, it’s okay to put up a front as long as it’s no more than two.

  • There’s a Context

For nowadays generation, you can say writing caption is a part of literature branch in the modern day. As it doesn’t differ much like writing a verse of lyric or poet, nor it can be as hard as writing an essay. That’s why people love to read a caption that written with much care with a context to convey. And they would read it en passant for the ones without context.

  • Mention Other Instagram Users

Another way to ensure your caption get attention is by mentioning other Instagram users. Most people would like to check when they got mention notification. The case is moot if you mentioned some celebrity or other renowned people. But in this, there’s also one important rule, that you shouldn’t flood your caption with numerous mentions. Only put mention accordingly as needed.

  • There’s Call to Action

Call to Action

The last thing you can do to grab some attention for your caption is by putting a call to action. You can ask people out about their opinion by write in the comment section. Or you also may ask, if they agree with you to like your post. And this endeavor will be more successful if you give-back response to them, like replying some comments or tap the like button. That way, people would feel more motivated to give some response to your post and caption.

Those five mentioned above are some ways to get your Instagram captions some attention. You should try them and find out if they work for you or not. And maybe you can come out with your personalized method on how to make people give your caption some attention. When that time comes, it’s your turn to give your know-how to others.

3 Things to Consider on How To Build a Gaming Laptop

If you are a game lover, you definitely need some tips on how to build a gaming laptop, right? Well, you can dismiss the portability of a laptop even though building a gaming desktop is more popular. As the developing technology is increasing times to times, the laptop has been coming with the design in which the components are fully added.

Choosing a gaming laptop can be a little bit flexible since you can actually customize some particular elements such as RAM when you are ordering the laptop. Nowadays, some external components and peripherals are also accommodated in the gaming laptop to enable you to use the laptop the way like you use the desktop.
In these times, modern gamers are directed to learn how to build a gaming laptop to meet their need as well as expectations. If you want to build a gaming laptop, too, you have three things to consider. Check them out as follows:

Build a Gaming Laptop

  • Assemble the Gaming Laptop Components like The Gaming Desktop Components

The first thing you need to consider dealing with the way of how to build a gaming laptop is to assemble the components of a gaming laptop with the ones of a gaming desktop. Although this solution seems simple to try and apply, it is quite difficult in the making. It is because there is no standardization of gaming laptop components due to the design created by the manufacturer which is not cross compatible. Nevertheless, a trial must be carried out if you really want to build a gaming laptop.

  • Determine and Source the Components

Building a gaming laptop necessarily requires the major concern that is determining and sourcing the components of the gaming laptop. The components that you must take into the gaming laptop include GPU, CPU, case, motherboard, and cooling solution. Make sure there is enough compatibility to support you build the gaming laptop.

  • Upgrade the Laptop Components

Dealing with the way of how to build a gaming laptop, what you need to consider next is to upgrade the laptop components. As more demanding games are released, you have to keep your gaming laptop upgraded by finding new and better laptop components. In this case, you may find it very difficult to upgrade the components except for the RAM and SSD. This is probably because the gaming laptop is not a user-upgradeable.

This way, you can be able to install more RAM into the laptop as long as the slots are available in the motherboard. When you are finally able to upgrade the required components, it won’t be enough to build a gaming laptop to welcome and manage the newer and more intensive games.


Overall, building a gaming laptop is not an impossible thing as long as you know the way how to build a gaming laptop. There are at least three things to consider if you are going to build the laptop for gaming. Since a laptop is not designed for gaming, you may find it difficult to assemble some components which are seemingly like the components of a desktop.

How To Fixing YouTube Thumbnail Not Showing

YouTube Thumbnail Not Showing

YouTube thumbnails are one of the attractions to persuade people to watch youtube videos. Usually, thumbnails are made more attractive and contain little information about the video. The thumbnails themselves will support you stand out in the long search list. YouTube thumbnail is also a standout from youtube videos when they appear on Google’s search engine. However, what if the YouTube thumbnail is not visible when watching or uploading youtube videos? Here’s how to efficiently handle Youtube thumbnail not showing.

Handling Youtube Thumbnail Not Showing in the Browser or YouTube Application

Have you ever wanted to watch YouTube, no video thumbnail appears ?. Besides being difficult to find videos that you want to watch, youtube display also becomes less interesting. Over here are ways to fix youtube thumbnails not showing in the browser or youtube application:

  • Clean Application Cache

One of the most ordinary causes of youtube thumbnail not showing is cache. Cache is application garbage that comes from the process of accessing the application. The garbage must be cleaned regularly. The way to delete the cache is quite easy. Take advantage of PC cleaning applications or cellphones like CCleaner. After the cache is clean, refresh the YouTube website or browser page. Voila, the thumbnail will also be visible.

  • Installing VPN

Installing VPN

“Youtube thumbnail not showing” could have been caused by a problem in the DNS server. The solution is to install a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPN that is used can be free or premium VPN. Activate or turning on VPN, and set the location to another country. Refresh the youtube page, and the thumbnail will appear. Unluckily, youtube thumbnail will be returning invisibly if the user turning off the VPN.

Fixing Custom YouTube Thumbnail Not Showing

For YouTuber, making a custom thumbnail for videos is a must. The custom thumbnail makes the video look attractive so that it impacts the views. Most people will be tempted to watch when viewing thumbnails. However, what if the custom thumbnail that has been created doesn’t even appear? Here’s how to fix youtube thumbnail not showing.

Youtube Account Verification

Most YouTubers cannot create custom thumbnails because of unverified YouTube accounts. If using youtube on a mobile application, change youtube mode to desktop mode. Click the button in the form of line three in the upper left corner of the youtube application. Click the “my channel” option. After clicking, all videos from the channel will appear. Choose one video whose custom thumbnail is not visible. Look for the option to verify your account via cellphone in “Help and Support.”

After that, click the link “” to verify. Usually, youtube will give a verification code via SMS or telephone. Enter the verification code that was sent to the telephone number. After that, the account will be verified, and the button to put the custom thumbnail will appear. Edit the thumbnail into another custom thumbnail as desired.

Check in another browser

If this method doesn’t work, try checking the video that has been set thumbnail through another browser. If the video thumbnail does not appear in chrome, then try checking in Firefox or internet explorer. If the custom video thumbnail is seen in another browser, you should be calm. Because it means the viewer of the video must also see the thumbnail when watching the YouTube video.

That’s how to handle youtube thumbnail not showing in the browser or YouTube Application. Actually, the youtube thumbnail problem is not a big and difficult problem to deal with. Hopefully, this article can help.