How To Kick People Off Your WiFi From Unwanted Devices

How To Kick People Off Your WiFi

Have you ever wondered why your WiFi connection gets slower? When you already checked everything is okay, but it seems no different, then, you might forget to check the list who access your WiFi. Probably, there is unwanted someone who crawls inside silently. Indeed, it is very bothersome. Moreover, if they are downloading torrents or streaming one drama series. Thus, find out how to kick people off your WiFi in this article.

WiFi is a wireless networking tech by using radio waves to result in a connection. A wireless adapter is a tool you need to create hotspots. You can use your phone or any device which is able to make an internet connection. Many people use this way to make an internet connection. Some of them set a password or kind of “permission gate” for everyone who wants to access it through them. But, however, sometimes there are people who enter without permission. Below are all things you can do about how to kick people off your WiFi:

1. Change the Password

change the wifi password

It is a common way that people usually go through. By changing the password, that silent people won’t be able to access your WiFi anymore. Because they don’t know the access to the internet. However, even though you change the password for times, sometimes they can enter again and again. Thus, this method is not really effective actually. At least it could be one of the solutions to your problem.

2. Log Into the Router

This way requires more effort than changing the password. Get into your browser, then type the device’s gateway IP. You will be asked about the username and password., then, click “DHCP Client List” or “Attached Devices”. This part will show you how many devices are connected to your WiFi. Now it is your call which addresses you want to get rid of.

3. Install Netcut


It is one of the useful programs to kick someone from your WiFi connection. This program can work on Windows 8 and Windows 10. Even though the user interface looks a little bit old school, it is very user-friendly. Once you finish installing Netcut, you need to install a program called WinpCap too. Don’t worry about unwanted things. Both of them won’t bother your system. If both of them are installed, restart your computer and open Netcut. There you will see all of the devices which connect in the same WiFi with you.

4. MAC Address Filtering

MAC Address Filtering

This way is special for MAC users. Knowing that each MAC has a special identity, it is easier to kick the other MAC user. Go to your router’s settings and see how many MAC Addresses there. Several routers have this feature to ease the users. Moreover, some others are creating a white list to show the devices you allow. By accessing this Setting part, you can just kick the MAC user you don’t want to access.

5. Using Wireless Network Watcher Program

Wireless Network Watcher Program

This program was created by the NirSofer programmer. Thanks to the developer who allows you to view every device connected to your router. It is a compatible program, even though you are using MAC. It could detect the IP and MAC address and it lets you save that information as a report. By seeing the list, you can decide to disconnect someone from your WiFi connection.

Knowing how to kick people off your WiFi is not about being a stingy person. Because it has lots of risks when someone accesses your connection without permission. The worse risk is your data could be stolen and used for something bad.