Pay Attention to These before Buying Gaming Monitor

When playing PC or computer games, what determines your gaming experience are not just the computer specifications, but also the monitor you use. The monitor is a device that has an important role in computer operation because this device is responsible for sending visual output to the user.

Furthermore, for gamers, of course, the quality of the monitor used when playing games will be taken into consideration. In addition, it turns out we can’t just use a gaming monitor, but we have to look at some things so we can choose the monitor properly.

So that we are not mistaken in choosing the monitor that we will use later, of course, we must consider various things first before finally deciding to buy a gaming monitor. Here we will try a little review about what needs to be considered before buying a gaming monitor considering this device has a very important function.


The number one consideration in choosing a monitor for gaming is resolution and size. The size of the monitor screen for gaming, in general, is 24 inches. The size is considered as the ideal monitor size for playing games because the view of the user can reach all parts of the monitor.

Meanwhile, for the monitor’s resolution itself, usually on monitors for gaming, it has adopted full HD resolution, so that it can improve performance and better game playing experience. However, you also need to pay attention to the specifications of your computer as well in determining the resolution of the monitor. Do not let your computer not integrate with the monitor that you bought just because the specs are not suitable.

Refresh rate and response speed

Refresh rate and response speed are two important things in gaming monitors, therefore we need to pay attention to this technical matter when choosing a monitor for gaming. The refresh rate is the screen frequency level which is expressed in Hz units, for example, a monitor has a 120 Hz refresh rate, then that means in one second, the monitor can display visual output 120 times. This refresh rate will affect the movement in the game we play, the higher the refresh rate, the more smooth the game movement will be.

Ideally, the refresh rate of the monitor for gaming is in the range of 60 Hz. However, if it can be higher than 60 Hz, then it is better. Therefore, choose a gaming monitor that has a refresh rate above 60 Hz.

Meanwhile, response speed has an impact on the performance of games played. Response speed itself is an indicator of the ability of a monitor to make output color transitions at high speeds. This is expressed in ms; therefore, the smaller the response speed value, the better the monitor will be to play the game.

The response speed of the ideal gaming monitor is 5 ms. However, similar to the refresh rate, of course, the performance will be even better if the monitor we use has a response speed of less than 5 ms.